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Paths and Trails

Walking paths are great resources for promoting physical activity, recreation, and relaxation. Walking paths also encourage social activities like walking with friends or walking clubs.

A serene park bench surrounded by lush green trees and grass.

Northland Park

19954 Sherwood Avenue

Northland park is tailored toward walkers with a one-mile trail, open grasslands, and butterfly garden. This has a new addition to the New cemetery walking trail that leads to the cemetery. We have connected Northland Park trail to the south crossing on Hwy 30 with a blinking light for flashing to slow down traffic, leading up toward our aquatic center.

City Park Path

325 E 3rd Street

We have a walking path that leads around the Park. This is great walking access for those that have young kids and want them to play while still getting exercise in. This is a big square for any biker or walker.