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Glidden Board of Adjustment

Expire (5 year term) Five appointed by Council and two appointed by County Board of Supervisors. County appointed must be residents living outside the city limits covered by 28E Agreement.

A Board of Adjustments makes decisions regarding appeals and variances related to zoning ordinances. They hear cases where property owners seek relief from zoning regulations due to unique circumstances. The board has the power to grant a variance or special exception to the zoning codes under specific circumstances.

Image of Gary Holmes, an older man with glasses, dressed in a white shirt as the President of Glidden Board of Adjustment.
Gary Holmes
An older man in a white shirt and glasses stands in front of a brick building. Jerry Mathine, Glidden Board of Adjustment.
Jerry Mathine
Kayla Thielen
Marilyn Dingman
Portrait of John, a man wearing a blue shirt and looking at the camera.
John Peterson
Jim Genter
Portrait of Kari Hunter, part of the Glidden Board of Adjustment.
Kari Hunter